Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A.(abbreviated to “INWIT”) is the company of the Telecom Italia Group that operates in Italy in the field of electronic communications infrastructure, and specifically those dedicated to hosting radio transmission equipment, for telecommunications and the broadcast of television and radio signals.

The activities

INWIT operates in the sector thanks to the transfer, received by Telecom Italia in March 2015, of a business branch which mainly focuses on activities related to the implementation and management of the passive infrastructures of sites, generally comprised of civil structures (such as towers, pylons and poles) and technological systems, necessary to host the transceiver equipment owned by Telecom Italia and other customers.

The infrastructural operators working in this industry are also called Tower Companies or Tower Operators. In this context, INWIT is distinguished by being the first Italian Tower Operator for the number of sites managed, with a particular focus on radiomobile services.

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The sites

At present, the sites managed by INWIT numbered about 11,000with widespread distribution throughout Italy, as a result of over 40 years of work developing the radiomobile networks by the Telecom Italia Group since the time it still acted as a monopoly. 

Key factors of the competitive positioning 

As well as the capillarity and quality of the infrastructures, the key factors of INWIT's competitive positioning mainly concern:

  • consolidated relationships with the main radiomobile operators, who, within their value chain, recognize the importance of the services offered by INWIT
  • the visibility of revenues and significant generation of cash flow, guaranteed by long-term contracts that can be renewed upon expiry, historically characterized by a high renewal rate, also considering the high quality of the sites made available
  • technical and managerial know-how, ensured by the use of personnel with consolidated experience gained over years within the Telecom Italia Group.

Today,  INWIT counts 117 professionals between engineers, technician and administrative staff.