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INWIT’s business is directly linked to the birth and development of mobile phone services in Italy, through the country’s two main operators in the sector. INWIT, in fact, came about from a merger of the wireless activities and infrastructure of Telecom Italia and Vodafone. The company has a range of skills developed over time by creating and managing infrastructure to host the transmission systems of various generations of mobile services over the years. Thanks to this evolution, which started 40 years ago, INWIT now provides its customers access to strategically important areas, including ones concerning administrative and environmental issues.

INWIT’s story began in March 2015, following the spin-off of Telecom Italia’s “Tower” branch, designed for the operational management, monitoring and maintenance of the group’s towers and repeaters. INWIT then went through a period of intense organic growth. In March 2020, this included a merger with Vodafone Towers, which has significantly transformed its size and strategic profile. INWIT’s infrastructure now includes over 22,000 managed sites, distributed densely throughout the country (a tower approximately every 3 km), which house the transmission apparatuses of all the most important national operators, as well as thousands of small cell and DAS systems.

INWIT is significantly contributing to wireless service coverage in Italy, enhancing its sites with the development of new technologies, starting with 5G. All of this makes it essential infrastructure for the development of telecommunications technologies, ensuring coverage density to reliably help overcome the digital divide in the country.