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INWIT operates as a socially responsible company considering sustainability as the creation of a shared value.

INWIT is involved in defining a new company strategy based on the creation of economic and social value, bringing Corporate Social Responsibility towards the concept of Corporate Shared Value (CSV), with the aim of linking the economic-financial results to the social progress created through the response to the needs expressed by the areas it operates in.

This model aims to interpret the company's role within society starting with an awareness that there cannot exist long-term economic development that does not also guarantee an increase in social well-being and the protection of natural resources. 

Companies with a “more evolved” approach in fact no longer understand sustainability as “nice to have” (linked to a philanthropic, image-based and disorganized logic), or as a “must do” (namely with a reactive approach more linked to compliance and efficiency), but rather they identify sustainability as a stimulus for creating value (new opportunities / innovation) and therefore as an integral element within the business strategy of the company. This is the approach INWIT tends towards and on which it is working.

The company's aim is to achieve a balance between the following dimensions:

  • environmental sustainability: to maintain the functionality of ecological systems, maintaining the balance between the use of natural resources and our processes
  • social sustainability: to promote the principle of fairness between different generations and within the same generation
  • economic sustainability: to maintain the capital and increase it.

This balance can be reached by taking into consideration the expectations of all the people and subjects involved in our activities, the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, competitors, institutions, environment, community, human resources and shareholders), and by attempting to reconcile their requirements.