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Our Vision

INWIT is Italy’s major Tower Operator providing widespread coverage throughout the country, hosting the transmission equipment for all main national operators.

INWIT plays a decisive role in delivering wireless mobile coverage within Italy’s territory and will follow through on this commitment in the future, adding new infrastructure to its portfolio as new, breakthrough technologies like 5G are under development. 

In addition to hosting telco operators on its towers, INWIT is in the process of setting up a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) network that will guarantee excellent coverage in densely populated urban areas like some of Italy’s historic centres and other public areas, as well as in large enclosed areas like shopping malls, concert halls, sporting venues and hospitals.  

The corporate goal is to provide optimal wireless services, ensuring the clients of all operators who rely on our infrastructure assets enjoy a stable connection to their devices. 

INWIT currently employs 200 professionals.