Francesco Piccirillo

Real Estate

He is Head of the Real Estate department and is responsible for managing and optimising the real estate portfolio of INWIT’s infrastructure network.

The objective of the department is to analyse and study the Real Estate Market in order to seize the best opportunities to expand and grow the infrastructure network and optimise property management costs.

“Living INWIT”

INWIT is a young company with great capacity and potential.

Living INWIT means working in a dynamic, contemporary, digital and efficient way.

Our work is aimed at satisfying the needs of our main stakeholders, namely Customers, Shareholders and the Country.

Today, working at INWIT means being able to play a part in building a communications network that will become the vital hub of the entire country, both economically and socially.

Knowing that one’s work will serve to determine an important evolution of the country, makes your routine work even more fun and engaging.

Emanuele Tournon


Giovanni Ferigo
Giovanni Ferigo

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Trucco


Diego Galli
Diego Galli

Administration, Finance & Control

Salvatore Lo Giudice
Salvatore Lo Giudice

Legal & Corporate Affairs

Francesca Stacchiotti

Human Resources

Michelangelo Suigo
Michelangelo Suigo

External Relations, Communication & Sustainability

Gabriele Abbagnara
Gabriele Abbagnara

Marketing & Sales Director

Massimo Scapini


Elisa Patrizi

Operations & Maintenance