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INWIT makes good wine and art a match made in heaven at Vinòforum

Story - 31/07/2019
INWIT has served as the main sponsor of Vinòforum, one of Italy’s premier wine and food fairs: the perfect chance to let art, wine and food charm us all.

The father of modern-day enology, Frenchman Émile Peynaud, used to say that “a great wine is like an artwork in the making”. 

By treasuring this brilliant piece of wisdom from one of all time wine-making greats, this June INWIT brought together wine culture and passion for art, by hosting performances from internationally-renowned artist Tommaso Cascella at Vinòforum 2019, the event proudly sponsored by our company as a main partner. 

During Vinòforum, Cascella created a live artistic hommage to INWIT, bestowing all attendants the chance to experience the moment an artwork has been conceived. 

"We’re proud and honoured to have hosted in our Vinòforum Business Lounge an artist of such magnitude as Tommaso Cascella. Wine and art are two remarkable expressions of Italy’s essence and everyone at INWIT, being committed to deliver the future connectivity to our country, is thrilled and proud to have brought together such important aspects of the country’s heritage in an event of national relevance”.

Gabriele Abbagnara – Head of Marketing and Sales of INWIT 

The Vinòforum in figures

The sixteenth edition of Vinòforum saw INWIT feature among its main partners while recording a record attendance, establishing this event as one of the nation’s most important wine and fine foods fairs.

During the ten days of Vinòforum 2019, a whopping 27,300 bottles were popped and uncorked to the enjoyment of over 60,000 wine professionals and aficionados who literally flooded the gates of Rome’s Tor di Quinto Park.

The event offered a tasting of over 2,500 different wines and 30 among Italy’s best restaurants and taverns seized the chance to open their very own pop-ups along the 12 thousand square-meter venue.

An impressive tower-turned-lantern was provided by INWIT to turn night into day at the event, allowing everyone to experience to the fullest the world of great food and wine.