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Italy is Ready for the Digital Transformation

News - 13/06/2019
The conference “Accelerating Italy”, with the participation of the CEO of INWIT, Giovanni Ferigo, was held in Milan on 21 May. It was an excellent occasion to stress that technological innovation is an impetus for our country.

Taking stock of the technological evolution in Italy and understanding its role in the country’s development. 

This was the goal of the business conference “Accelerating Italy”, organized on 21 May by the RCS Academy. It was a day for discussion with top national experts in innovation, which highlighted how transferring technology from the scientific world to the industrial world is one of the key elements for company growth, in order to seize new possibilities for development. 

The conference was held in Milan at the Sala Buzzati, in the historical headquarters of the Corriere della Sera. 

The event, coordinated by Massimo Sideri, included the participation of the CEO of INWIT, Giovanni Ferigo, who was part of the roundtable “What’s next? The digital future with IoT, artificial intelligence and smart infrastructure”. He was joined by Giovanni Buttarelli, European Commissioner, Paolo Bertoluzzo from Nexi, Alberto Dalmasso from Satispay, Massimo Ciociola from Musixmatch, Massimo Pellegrino from PwC and Claudio Bassoli from HPE.

The country system must collaborate better to take advantage of the great opportunities 5G offers for the development of the Italian economy. We have to start talking about an open collaboration, even between competitors, to optimize mobile connections and respond to the constantly growing demand for connectivity. Each year, technology makes huge strides forward and Italy must be a leader in the 5G sector.” 

Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data Science, Drones, Robots and Blockchain: a recipe for the digital transformation of businesses that also involves the development of 5G.

A new digital era is beginning. We at INWIT, with our 11,000 towers throughout Italy, are in the front lines to guide the revolution of mobile connections.

Digital is the winning strategy for a country looking to grow. But we need innovation, partnerships between the public and private sectors and skills, as well as the cultural change of people and companies.

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