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Thanks to INWIT, the bank of the future is here

News - 13/01/2021
Now exceeded one thousand bank branches with mobile coverage. Present in 700 municipalities and 20 regions, with a total indoor coverage of around 300,000 m2, with the potential to serve over 7 million customers.

With the coverage of its thousandth full digital bank branch, with 5G INWIT has accelerated the pace of Italian banks towards the future by enabling the introduction of increasingly innovative tools, which allow to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

Thanks to INWIT, today there are over a thousand branches of credit institutions throughout Italy are responding to the challenges posed by innovation and digitization of financial services by investing in a more modern, efficient and digitized bank.

We have been investing for years in the dissemination of technologies that drive growth and promote the digital transformation of many Italian businesses and regions. INWIT is a pioneer in the massive development of 5G in Italy, supporting operators, and with our commitment, we have created a model able to become increasingly widespread, sustainable and in line with Italy’s digitisation needs,” commented Gabriele Abbagnara, Head of Marketing & Sales of INWIT

Through the indoor installation of micro-antennas that offer multi-operator mobile coverage in all public spaces, banks are guaranteeing the possibility to use e-banking services even inside branches. What is more, thanks to quick and easy authentication from your mobile phone, the INWIT system makes transactions more secure with no use of tokens. To date, the 1000 ‘fully digital’ branches are present in 700 municipalities in all 20 regions of Italy, with overall indoor coverage of around 300,000 m2, with the potential to serve over 7 million customers.

Boosting the processes and operations of the branches to achieve increasingly widespread coverage and meets the needs of a multichannel and digital bank, a new model that optimises timeframes and processes is born and bears witness to the perfect integration between traditional services and new tools, from e-payment and fintech to blockchain.“We are confident that our experience in creating infrastructure for indoor mobile coverage will enable the branches and individual banks to develop new products that are more and more tailored to their customers' needs” concluded Gabriele Abbagnara.