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The Speed of Iliad’s Network Will Rely on INWIT Towers

News - 05/02/2019
Iliad will use INWIT towers to create mobile network infrastructure for current technologies up to 4G and to implement the new 5G system as well.

The reliability of INWIT towers has been chosen once again. 

We’ve signed a framework agreement with Iliad, the latest telephone operator to arrive on our market, which will use some of the 11,000 towers that make up our total infrastructure and which already host the antennas of other national telecommunications operators.

An auction called by the Ministry of Economic Development, which concluded in October, granted Iliad, as a new operator, a 10-MHz lot in the 700 MHz FDD band, a generic 20-MHz lot in the 3.7-GHz band and a third lot in the 26-GHz band.

Renting our telecommunications infrastructure will allow the new telephone company not only to increase their signal reception and transmission capacity, but also to bring Italy closer and closer to the data connection of the future, 5G.

The new phone service provider will be able to count on the assets and know-how that INWIT has developed over the years to give more and more voice to Iliad’s mobile network.