Integrated Report

The document contains the third voluntary Statement of a Non-Financial nature (hereinafter, also “the Statement” or “NFS”) of Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A. (hereinafter, also “INWIT”), drawn up in compliance with arts. 3 and 7 of Leg. Dec. 254/16 (hereinafter, also “the Decree”), containing information relating to environmental and social themes, to personnel, the respect of human rights and the fight against corruption, to an extent necessary to provide an adequate understanding of the business’s activities. This first reporting project is a first step in a process that will be further developed in future reports. Agreement with the principles of the Integrated Report requires illustrating the process through which the organization creates value over time. This Integrated Report aims to effectively represent the value generated by INWIT, using a structure subdivided by capital resources, defined as the variables that lead to the creation of value.

The Capital Resources

Financial CapitalInfrastructural CapitalIntellectual CapitalSocial and relational CapitalHuman CapitalNatural Capital
Generated value:
663.426.913 €
More than 22.000 sites2 research projectsMore than 350 suppliers 89% local expenseMore than 200 employees582.928 MWh from renewable resources (55%)
Distributed economic value:
More than 41.500 hosting“XRAN Green Tool” app developedMore than 15 eventsMore than 100 investments180.078 CO2eq
Economic value retained:
More than 4.500 Small Cells and DASNew lithium batteries in 25 sites4.000 training hours
Zero serious injuries