We are the leading Italian Tower Operator

We contribute to the coverage of wireless telephone services in Italy and we will continue to do so in the coming years, increasing the number of sites, also with reference to the development of new technologies, starting from 5G.

We are the leading Italian Tower Operator and the second in Europe for the number of managed sites distributed throughout the territory, on which transmission equipment of all the main national operators are housed.  

Besides hosting operators on our towers, we develop DAS (Distributed Antenna System) infrastructures and small cells in order to permit a widespread coverage of densely populated open spaces (historic centres of large cities or other meeting places) or large closed spaces intended for business, leisure and sporting activities (stadiums) or health facilities (hospitals).

The aim is to make the reception of wireless services always optimal, giving the customers of all operators the possibility of always being connected to their devices.

Today we are among the top twenty Italian companies for capitalization on the stock market with a value of around 9-10 billion euros and we aim to develop a digital and connected society, in which the use of technology is key to people’s wellbeing in every moment of their lives. 200 people currently work in INWIT.

Our customers

Our main customers are Gruppo TIM and Vodafone Group and the major Italian Mobile Network Operators (MNO), including WindTre and Iliad.

Other customers of the Company include:

  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) operators such as Linkem, Fastweb and Open Fiber, which provide mobile network services based on GSM, UMTS, LTE technologies or on licenses for radio transmission services in other wireless technologies (e.g., Wireless Local Loop, Hyperlan, WiMAx, point-point and point-multipoint PDH and/or SDH) 
  • Broadcasting services operators for the transmission and broadcasting of radio-television signals (e.g. technologies in standard DVB-T)
  • Institutions, public entities and the Armed Forces for the development of private networks.

Over 50 years of experience in wireless infrastructures


INWIT and Vodafone Towers merger.

Vodafone Towers

Vodafone Towers is established.

Partnership with Vodafone

Through the Vodafone partnership,
the largest tower operator in Italy,
and the second largest in Europe,
is founded.

Towers Branch

Corporate reorganization of
Vodafone Italia to separate the
“towers” branch with its 10,989

Towers, microcells and DAS

Thanks to its towers and the
creation of Microcells and DAS,
INWIT becomes Italy’s leading
company for mobile network


Creation and listing of
Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane
SA Tower Operator Neutral Host.

Merger with TIM

Merger by incorporation between
TIM and Telecom Italia.

Vodafone Italia S.p.A.

The logo changes and the Omnitel
brand is removed, becoming just

Omnitel Vodafone

Vodafone-Airtouch merges with
the German group Mannesmann,
acquiring its shareholdings in

Mobile phone services

Omnitel’s mobile phone services
are launched in Italy.

Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM)

TIM is founded as a mobile
telephone operator on the
Italian market.

Omnitel Pronto Italia S.p.A.

The consortium Pronto Italia S.p.A.
is founded through an agreement
with Omnitel Sistemi Radiocellulari
Italiani S.p.A.


Italy’s national telephone company,
Societa Italiana per l’esercizio
telefonico, is founded.

Emanuele Tournon


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Giovanni Ferigo
Giovanni Ferigo

Chief Executive Officer

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Diego Galli

Administration, Finance & Control

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Salvatore Lo Giudice
Salvatore Lo Giudice

Legal & Corporate Affairs

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Human Resources

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Michelangelo Suigo
Michelangelo Suigo

External Relations, Communication & Sustainability

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Gabriele Abbagnara
Gabriele Abbagnara

Marketing & Sales Director

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Operations & Maintenance

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Real Estate

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