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Updated at April 2021

The Company’s current bank debt is composed by:

  • A Bilateral Term loan for 40 million euros due in November 2023;
  • A Sustainability-linked Term Loan, linked to specific sustainability KPIs, with a pool of 4 financial institutions, for an amount of 500 million euros and maturing in April 2025;
  • A Syndicated Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) with a pool of domestic and international banks for an amount of 500 million euros and maturity in March 2025, currently completely undrawn.

On the capital market the Company has issued:

  • on July 2020, its inaugural bond for 1 billion euros with a coupon of 1.875% and maturity in July 2026;
  • on October 2020, a bond of 750 million euros with a coupon of 1.625% and maturity in October 2028;
  • on April 2021, a bond for an amount of 500 million with a coupon of 1.75% and maturity in April 2031.

Details on debt maturities and on the issued notes are shown respectively in the chart and the table below:

Notes issued by INWIT S.p.A.

SIN CodeCurr. typeAmou./Mil.Stock ex.CouponDate IssueDate matur.Issue price %
XS2200215213EUR Bond1,000Lussemburgo1,875%08/07/202008/07/202699,809
XS2244936659EUR Bond750Lussemburgo1,625%21/10/202021/10/202899,755
XS2332687040EUR Bond500Lussemburgo1,750%19/04/202119/04/203199,059
Note Tabella

Securities listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange ISIN XS2200215213, XS2244936659 and XS2332687040
Notes: Bonds issued under INWIT S.p.A. Euro Medium Term Note Programme


The rating is a summary indicator of a company’s creditworthiness and is provided by independent international agencies (Rating Agencies).

Below the current Ratings assigned to the company as of July 19th, 2021, the press release and the Rating Agencies reports:

Standard & Poor’sFitch Ratings

Euro Medium Term Note Programme

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