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Our solutions

Hosting services on towers, backhauling and outdoor coverage

Our solutions

With a broad portfolio of innovative solutions, INWIT offers reliable hosting and connectivity services for mobile networks (macro-sites and small cells) and for sensors and IoT solutions (such as Smart City and Smart Rural). Thanks to an extensive network of telecommunication towers spread throughout the country, INWIT guarantees widespread coverage supporting the needs of companies and wireless service providers. The customer-oriented approach and the constant search for technological excellence make INWIT the ideal partner for hosting next-generation wireless solutions.

What do we offer

  • Hosting of mobile operator equipment (MNO): Macrosites for nationwide mobile coverage of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.
  • Small cells: to extend coverage in open spaces difficult to access by signal.
  • Fixed wireless access (FWA): to bring reliable, high-performance data lines even to homes and businesses in the most remote areas of the country.
  • Hosting for other operators (Wifi, emergency networks) and IOT solutions.
  • Management, deployment and backhauling services.

Management, implementation and backhauling services

INWIT has a qualified system of proven supervision and management systems and a network of its own and third-party resources spread throughout the country.


What do we offer

  • Management services: we take care of access management and site security, with the possibility of providing customised solutions according to customer needs. We also take care of 24/7 remote supervision of power and air conditioning and/or ventilation systems of infrastructures, as well as corrective, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of installations.
  • Designing and building new sites: we are able to offer the customer a range of services preparatory to hosting, such as acquiring locations for network development, managing contracts for buying or renting land, designing the site and obtaining permits, static and structural inspections through to construction work and infrastructure installation.
Micro outdoor coverage

Small cell

What is a small cell?

Small cells are the most suitable solution for offering mobile service in densely populated urban contexts, in areas with environmental constraints and in areas where it is necessary to preserve architectural decorum as well as the monumental and landscape heritage.

Small cells are typically installed on lampposts, wall-mounted or camouflaged as shop signs/advertising hoardings, and have a coverage radius of approximately 200m. Each small cell consists of an antenna and a radio equipment, interconnected by coaxial cables. The radio equipment, on the other hand, is connected by optical fibre to the nearby telecommunications tower that serves as an edge aggregation point.

The benefits of Small Cells

  • Extensive coverage of the area to be served.
  • Low environmental and electromagnetic impact, thanks to small, low-power (< 10 W) antennas.
  • Easily camouflaged in any environment while respecting all landscape and environmental requirements (historic centres, modern structure, historic building, natural landscape, etc.).
  • Easy installation and low pervasiveness
  • Enabling technology for all digital Smart and IoT services (e.g. Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Lighting, etc.)

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