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Indoor coverage

Our solutions

The continuous growth of data traffic requires infrastructures that can guarantee effective and widespread coverage of mobile network services. Our dedicated multi-operator coverage through the use of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and Repeaters strengthen and improve signal reception of mobile operators in particularly dense and crowded areas. It also ensures optimal signal reception from macro site antennas when this is not yet sufficient.

Our indoor coverage solutions

DAS Technology

Capillary solution to guarantee high performance in medium to large locations

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Solution that amplifies and repeats the multi-operator signal from the outdoor environment and is normally suitable for locations up to 3,000 square metres.

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Customised solutions for public and private organisations

INWIT offers dedicated coverage services to all operators and owners of public and private facilities, enabling the development of innovative services in order to be a key player in the new digital world.

Public Administrations


Airports, ports and stations

Museums and universities

Manufacturing complexes

Shopping centres, large-scale retail distribution and shops

Sports facilities, hotels, theme parks

Credit institutions, offices and coworking facilities

Parking lots

Road and highway tunnels

Each customer will be able to request coverage tailored to their needs, dedicated to their facility and capable of transmitting a 4G and/or 5G signal in any space and with the quality of their choice.

INWIT wants to make an important contribution to the digital transformation process of the whole country. These systems represent the enabling technology to enable the wider diffusion of new digital Smart and loT services (thanks to the innovation and development of the new 5G ultra-fast networks) whose fundamental requirements of signal capacity and quality must always be guaranteed.

Why choose dedicated mobile coverage

  • Customer, visitor and staff satisfaction: 4G and 5G cellular service quality. Increased customer time spent at the location and increased likelihood of purchase. Efficiency of industrial and commercial processes.
  • Real estate valorisation: increase in property value. Increased space occupancy and increased lease value. Reduction in energy and maintenance costs.
  • Enabling Vertical Solutions: offering new Smart and IoT services that increase productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Ease of installation and low pervasiveness: utilisation of existing infrastructure and sub-services.
Indoor coverage

DAS technology (Distributed Antenna System)

What is a DAS?

It is a system of indoor antennas, located inside a structure, that broadcasts a 4G and/or 5G multi-operator mobile signal. The signal is generated by a central unit to which all antennas are connected.

The Benefits of DAS Technology

DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is the best solution for deploying high-capacity voice and data services within and around buildings and enclosed spaces.

  • Dedicated and guaranteed high capacity of voice and data traffic
  • Suitable for medium/large locations with large flows of people
  • Extensive coverage
  • High scalability
  • Low environmental and electromagnetic impact
  • Low equipment footprint
  • Greater immunity to cyber attacks than Wi-Fi
  • Enabling for Smart and IoT services
Indoor coverage


What is a Repeater?

The Repeater is used to improve mobile coverage inside buildings and enclosed spaces in small to medium-sized environments. It is a system that amplifies and repeats the multi-operator signal from the outside using small antennas connected to a receiver outside the building.

The advantages of the Repeater

It provides better mobile coverage inside buildings and small/medium-sized enclosed spaces. It is a low-cost solution, suitable for small environments and offers multi-operator coverage, optimised capacity, ease of installation, low visual impact and seamless integration into target environments.

  • Low-cost solution suitable for small environments
  • Extensive coverage and optimised capacity for every need
  • Multi-operator
  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • Low environmental and electromagnetic impact
  • Easily camouflaged

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