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Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity is defined as the variability present in living organisms at all levels, from ecosystem diversity to species diversity to levels of genetic diversity, that is, the intrinsic variability of the genetic makeup of individual organisms. Italy is considered a biodiversity hotspot, which means an area where a large number of plant and animal species are concentrated. The greatest pressures on biodiversity at national level derive from human activity and are mostly attributable to increasing land consumption for civil, industrial or agricultural use.

Biodiversity Protection for INWIT: Impacts and Opportunities

The protection of biodiversity has been identified as a relevant issue for INWIT and its stakeholders. For this reason, INWIT carried out an assessment of the impacts and opportunities of its infrastructures with regards to biodiversity, reported in a position paper.

This work has the goal of outlining the impact on Italian biodiversity from the activities of INWIT, Italy’s leading tower operator with its more than 23,000 telecommunication towers, by considering the different types of sites (raw-land and roof-top) and the different types of environment in which its infrastructures are located. Alongside the impact, opportunities were also identified for the benefit and protection of biodiversity that can be directly linked to INWIT’s activities in a tower as a service logic.

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