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Cutting-edge museums with INWIT for a more interactive and digital cultural heritage

Golinelli (INWIT): “Serving culture with our digital and shared infrastructure. Reviving, promoting and bringing it closer to younger generations’.

Rome, 04 June 2024 – Increasingly more digital museums with innovative tools to make culture interactive and accessible to everyone, including people who will never be able to visit them in person. There are now many Italian museums that INWIT, Italy’s leading tower operator, has enabled for 5G mobile network connection via its DAS (Distributed Antenna System) dedicated multi-operator indoor location coverage infrastructure.

The DAS consists of interconnected 5G-ready micro-antennas, with minimal visual impact and perfectly adaptable even in buildings of particular architectural value, which enables reception of a stable and efficient signal even in places that are difficult to reach. This opens up the possibility of also developing the IoT (Internet of Things), making museums that adopt it become true state-of-the-art facilities.

In fact, by enabling indoor connectivity, the DAS allows new services and an innovative language to be developed that is especially close to the younger generations, meaning that our heritage can be made known and experienced in a more interactive way.

It also provides an effective support for museum staff, not only by allowing faster communication within the building, but also by ensuring the safety of works of art and the streamlining of many bureaucratic processes.

Museums already equipped with these dedicated systems include the MAXXI in Rome, which was the first to realise their added value, the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa and the Museo Nazionale Etrusco in Rome.

“Our infrastructure also enables innovative services to be provided to promote culture and bring digitalisation into museums. This is another way to attract younger generations to a sector that is often neglected or not adequately valued. But also to allow people who are far away to enjoy a remote cultural experience, giving access to our country’s splendid cultural heritage, which we have a duty to preserve and protect. We continue to work to make our contribution to building a more modern Italy, also by promoting our great artistic and cultural heritage”, said Lucio Golinelli, Commercial Department Director of INWIT.