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GRESB ESG rating upgraded to A

Michelangelo Suigo (INWIT): “The GRESB upgrade to A, the highest score, confirms our tangible commitment to an intrinsically sustainable business.”

Rome, 17 October 2023 – GRESB, an international agency specializing in the evaluation of infrastructure companies, has upgraded Italy’s leading tower company INWIT’s 2022 ESG Public Disclosure rating from B to A, the highest score.

Over the course of three years, INWIT, which began with a score of D in just 2020, has successfully achieved a significant upgrade, from a rating of 70 in 2022 to 84. In particular, the tower company received high praise for its disclosure methods, where it achieved the highest score, as it did in the disclosure of stakeholder engagement practices.

As confirmation of the validity of the process undertaken by INWIT towards a sustainable business, this result comes after the company’s inclusion last June in the FTSE4Good, the index that ranks global companies in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices and its addition, in January, to the  Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which offers managers and investors annual information to compare commitment to gender equality at the world’s largest listed companies. INWIT has also been included, as of 2021, in the GLIO/GRESB index, which specializes in the analysis of best practices in the environmental, social and governance fields.

“This upgrade in our ESG rating by GRESB confirms our tangible commitment to a business model that is intrinsically sustainable, with our digital and shared infrastructure, capable of uniting industrial, economic, social and environmental efficiency.” said Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT Head of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability.

GRESB Infrastructure Public Disclosure offers investors a unique tool to measure sustainability disclosure by listed infrastructure companies. The evaluation is based on a set of indicators aligned with the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment, enabling a comparison of ESG disclosure performance between the companies assessed. It also provides investors with a resource hub to access ESG disclosure documents in their listed investment portfolio. The rating agency’s analysis is divided into: disclosure of sustainability governance, disclosure of sustainability implementation, disclosure of operational performance data and disclosure of stakeholder engagement practices.