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INWIT focusses on Hyris innovation to monitor and sanitise the workplaces from Covid-19

Rome, 8 October 2020 – For INWIT, innovation, sustainability and care for people are values that are key to its success. This is why the tower company, leader in the TLC sector in Italy and pioneer of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technology, has decided to use the Hyris bCUBE device to monitor the common areas of its offices and exclude the presence of COVID-19 pathogen agents.

Hyris, an all-Italian start-up that already operates on four different continents, in “bCUBE” combines artificial intelligence with the most advanced medical diagnostics, all without having to liaise with a specialised analysis laboratory.

The aim is to increase the level of protection of INWIT staff, who are now back working, albeit with some limitations, in some of the company’s offices, during this pandemic.

The Hyris bCUBE, which is used for the first time ever by an Italian company to ensure environmental anti-contamination monitoring, is a small device that can detect the level of sanitisation of surfaces in common areas. In the event of an anomaly, it quickly signals the presence of any pathogen agents, thereby allowing for prompt, preventive intervention with sanitisation and further diagnosis, so as to protect employees’ health.

In using this innovative technology, INWIT continues to pursue its plans for innovation, sustainability and care for its staff. Attention that has already been seen in the action taken in the fight against COVID, making significant use of smart working and supplying all people with specific training on safety protocols, continuously sanitising the workplace, reorganising it to ensure social distancing and developing an innovative app to regulate presence in the workplace. This is now also combined with the use of the very best environmental monitoring technology available on the market.