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INWIT rolls out 5G to the Federico II University

Naples, 9 November 2020 – INWIT has signed a collaboration with the Federico II University in Naples to equip the University with infrastructure that will allow it to receive an excellent signal from mobile operators in indoor environments, including the latest generation 5G technology.

INWIT has installed its DAS (Distributed Antenna System) infrastructure at the futuristic Campus in San Giovanni a Teduccio.  The system is made up of small antennas that allow for optimal use of the services of the various telephone operators, significantly improving the connectivity of devices and the use of mobile services by all students and professors who work and study at the faculty.

“We are extremely happy about this collaboration with INWIT as it means we can offer professors and students at Federico II the best of the latest generation mobile network technologies,” said Giorgio Ventre, Principal of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Federico II. “This installation at our San Giovanni Campus will also mean the start-ups and innovation hubs we host can create services and prototypes that exploit the full potential of 5G.”  

Thanks to this partnership, the Internet connection in closed spaces, such as classrooms and laboratories, will significantly improve. All this will be done without invasive work to the building: the visual and electromagnetic impact of DAS is in fact negligible. The antennas are small and placed in the various areas of the University, with each plant giving out very low emissions precisely because they are spread out. INWIT’s infrastructure is also ready for the new 5G technology which will significantly increase the performances of mobile connections, enabling the development innovative applications which will become an integral part of how study and applied research is conducted in the future.

The study and development of wireless applications for the IoT (Internet of Things) will be carried out at institutions such as Federico II University and its departments and laboratories. Therefore, equipping the areas and classrooms of the University with high speed and low latency (very slow delay in signal reception) connection systems will mean professors and students can work at their best by using the best technologies.

“For INWIT, providing the laboratories and classrooms of the Engineering departments of Federico II University with dedicated wireless coverage not only represents an important business opportunity but is also a key piece of the sustainability plan which focuses on innovation and the surrounding community,” pointed out Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT. “In our role as the leading Italian wireless technology infrastructure operator in Italy we are rolling out DAS systems to sites with strong social value, such as universities, hospitals and museums. The important agreement with Federico II University confirms our interest in investing in tomorrow and in the excellence of the Italian educational and technological system.”