Shareholders' Meeting

Meeting October 4,

Shareholders who individually or jointly represent at least 2.5% of the ordinary share capital, having demonstrated their entitlement in the manner required by the applicable regulations, may request the integration of the items on the agenda, specifying the additional items they propose, or new proposed resolutions on items already on the agenda.

The agenda cannot be supplemented with items on which, in accordance with the law, the shareholders’ meeting resolved on proposal of the administrative body or on the basis of a project or report prepared by it, other than those specified under article 125-ter, paragraph 1 of the CLF.

The request and report giving the reason for the request, together with a copy of an identity document and a certificate attesting the ownership of the share from an authorized intermediary in accordance with current regulations, must be received within 10 days of the publication of the notice (August 21, 2022), alternatively

on paper to the following address:


Legal & Corporate Affairs

Piazza Trento, 10

00198 ROMA – ITALY

or by email to the following address

The Company shall give notice of the integrations of the agenda and of the new proposed resolutions, in the same manner as required for the publication of the call notice, by September 19, 2022; contextually will be available the report prepared by requesting Shareholders.

 Reference regulation

Article 126-bis CLF