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Healthcare increasingly at the cutting edge with INWIT. 30 5G-ready hospitals have been fitted with Inwit micro antennas since the start of the pandemic.

Rome 7 June 2021 – Hospitals are increasingly at the cutting-edge thanks to INWIT. Agreements have already been signed with 30 healthcare structures since the beginning of the pandemic for mobile coverage with DAS (Distributed Antenna System) micro-antennas, the cutting-edge technology in mobile telecommunications fully compatible with the 5G network. Overall, the structures have a catchment area of 9 million people for over 16 thousand hospital beds. In 20 of these, the system has already been developed; work is in progress in the other 10. 50% of the structures that have chosen to be more “connected” are in the North; the remaining 50% are equally distributed between the Centre and the South.

The latest hospital in which INWIT has begun work is one of the most important in the South: the hospital complex of Avellino, in which 200 micro-antennas will be installed in order to make it 5G-ready after the summer.

The infrastructure, the visual impact of which will be minimal, offers patients and healthcare staff the possibility of having a stable and rapid connection to the major mobile networks at highest-level performance, also in closed areas, where the signal struggles to arrive in normal conditions. The latest-generation technologies in the health field have enormous potential for improving performances and for speeding up healthcare management. The arrival of 5G will also act as a driver for the development of the IoT, the Internet of Things, permitting a further step forward in patient care, simplifying remote diagnosis or making remote surgery possible. The installation of the DAS’s has already proved to be a great help also during the pandemic, giving isolated patients and their families, besides the entire healthcare staff, the possibility of feeling closer together thanks to being able to stay in contact also in contexts where, in the past, even a simple phone call could be difficult.

“The development of so-called telemedicine will play an increasingly crucial role in facilitating the extraordinary work of healthcare staff and in improving the patients’ lives – declared Giovanni Ferigo, INWIT C.E.O.. We meet the need for hospital structures to be ever-more interconnected, digitalised and innovative. We are ready to continue to play our part in the infrastructuring of the technologies of tomorrow to the benefit of operators. The opportunities provided by the Recovery and Resilience Plan can allow for a further improvement in the level of our healthcare system”.