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INWIT and Fondazione FS: 5G come to the Pietrarsa Railway Museum

Rome, 18 January 2022 – INWIT, Italy’s largest tower operator, has completed work to make the Fondazione FS Italiane National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa (Naples) ready for 5G.

The coverage uses DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technology and very low power, extremely small micro-antennas. This enables a more advanced and faster data reception system, while still preserving the aesthetics of what is considered by many to be the most beautiful railway museum in the world.

The antennas are interconnected by fibre optics to ensure coverage of the whole museum area and convention centre, facilitating the site’s activities and making it increasingly cutting-edge.

The coverage is in line with the guidelines of INWIT’s Sustainability Plan, which envisages contributing to the development of the community, including by activating projects to cover areas with a high social and cultural vocation, such as the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa.

Technology has long been one of the strong points of the Pietrarsa Railway Museum. Multimedia installations, free Wi-Fi, driving simulators and augmented reality films give visitors an engaging and innovative experience. This technology ensures the site’s accessibility not only from a historical, scenic and cultural perspective, but also in terms of interactive learning.

“Indoor coverage in museums opens up a new and different approach to the museum sector and, more generally, to the cultural sector – said Giovanni Ferigo , INWIT’s Chief Executive Officer -. No longer just a space to visit, but somewhere to experience, with the opportunity to avail of multiple services, enabled thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies. Places in step with the times, modern and inclusive, that speak the same language as youth and stimulate their interest, through tools that make the most of content and, above all, are able to make it accessible to all.”

Luigi Cantamessa, General Manager of Fondazione FS, said: “After the radical restoration of the old Bourbon structures, the Pietrarsa Museum is now moving into a new dimension, with digital tours of the trains that marked Italian history – something which could only be achieved with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. Never before have industrial history and digital future come together so well as at Pietrarsa”.