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INWIT: first meeting of new Board of Directors

Milan, 5 October 2022 – INWIT announces that the first meeting of its new Board of Directors, appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 4 October 2022, was held today.

The Board of Directors ascertained that each Director meets the eligibility and integrity requirements, as well as the absence of grounds for ineligibility, removal from office and incompatibility, as required by current legislation. The Board of Directors also ascertained that the Directors Ms Bariatti, Ms Cavatorta, Ms Landrevot, Ms Ravera and Mr Valsecchi meet the independence requirements established in the Corporate Governance Code, as well as those established for the control body by the Consolidated Law on Finance, and that the Director Mr Le Cloarec meets the independence requirements established in the Consolidated Law on Finance; as a result, that there are 6 independent directors on the Board.

The Board of Directors also ascertained compliance with the gender balance regulations laid down in the applicable legislation, as the Board is made up of 5 female directors and 6 male directors.

The Board of Directors also positively entered into discussions on the top management organisational structure made up of a Chairman and a General Manager. The appointments and powers will be formalised at the next meeting due to take place on Friday 7 October.

Lastly, the Board of Directors confirmed Salvatore Lo Giudice as Secretary of the Board of Directors.

The curricula vitae of the members of the Board of Directors are available on the website