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INWIT obtains the Best in Media Communication Certification

Rome, 28 May 2021 – INWIT, the leading Italian tower company, has obtained the BIC, Best in Media Communication, certification, created by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting.

The certification was awarded yesterday evening, with the following motivation:

“INWIT has obtained the Best in Media Communication 2020 certification for a very positive reputational positioning, a positive opinion of the journalists (especially in relation to the completeness of the information) and the ability to communicate the “new INWIT” as an innovation enabler, oriented towards growth and partnership.”

The Best in Media Communication certification is a scientific, transparent and objective method of measuring the impact of corporate communication. It refers not only to visibility, but also to positioning in the media and quality in the relations that are established with journalistic editorial activities.

This certification is a source of great pride for us; it’s the result of hard work and is thanks to the whole team and the entire company. The “new” INWIT was created more than a year ago, but this award confirms that we’re on the right path for the building of a strong reputation” – Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT’s External Relations, Communication and Sustainability Director, declared.

Fortune Italia organised the award ceremony of the BIC, Best in media communication, certifications, in partnership with Eikon Strategic Consulting.

The event, organised by Fortune Italia in partnership with Eikon Strategic Consulting, was held in the Multimediale RDS – Radio Dimensione Suono Auditorium and was presented by Francesca Manzini and Fabio Insenga. The first part was dedicated to a discussion on the future of communication, with prominent speakers and the awarding of the certification plates; the second part was dedicated, instead, to networking and the customary photo session for each company.