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INWIT to host Open Fiber’s Antennas on its Towers

INWIT will make its towers available to Open Fiber for the creation of part of the OF network which will utilize Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology.
This has been established in a framework agreement signed by the two companies.

Open Fiber will make use of 11 thousand towers comprising the infrastructural assets of INWIT in the areas where it won the Infratel tender processes for the creation of a passive ultrabroadband infrastructure. The tender processes anticipate reaching 9.3 million properties in 16 Italian regions in addition to the autonomous province of Trento.

FWA technology will be used for some of them, and Fibre To The Home for the rest. With its Towers infrastructure widespread throughout the country, INWIT will contribute to the swift creation of the FWA infrastructure by Open Fiber.

Under the agreement, which is not exclusive for either party, Open Fiber will define the quantity of the sites to be requested from Inwit based on its planning needs with regard to the new network.