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INWIT tours the Country to illustrate 5G

The “TourFor5G” kicks off with Fondazione Ottimisti & Razionali

Naples, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Verona and Venice are the cities involved

Rome, 10 December 2021 – A travelling tale about 5G on a “tour” that will visit six cities throughout the country. “TourFor5G”, promoted by Fondazione Ottimisti & Razionali and INWIT, will involve 6 of the country’s cities: Naples, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Verona and Venice.

Figures from the institutional, academic and business worlds will help to illustrate the importance of digital infrastructure, the potential of 5G and its practical applications in the country.

The aim is to focus on the centrality and strategic importance of the individual regions for the full implementation of the objectives also contained in the NRRP to facilitate the digital transition in the country.

The first stage of the TourFor5G will be in Naples on 13 December, at 11.30 a.m. in the City Hall of Palazzo San Giacomo, in Piazza del Municipio.

The following will participate in the event: Gaetano Manfredi, Mayor of Naples; Giorgio Ventre, Scientific Director of the IOS Academy in Naples; Susanna Moccia, Head of HR at La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano; Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT; Isabella La Mura, Student at the Federico II 5G Academy in Naples.

The moderator will be Claudio Velardi, Chairman of FOR (Fondazione Ottimisti e Razionali).

With TourFor5G we want to continue our commitment to raise awareness about fifth generation technology and the importance of digital infrastructure in the regions. We are also interested in explaining how 5G is a key factor for enabling more sustainable ecosystems and transforming our cities into smart cities where cutting-edge services, innovation and attention to the local community’s needs will become the supporting assets of urban development,” stated Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT.

The TourFor5G events will all be in hybrid mode.

The TourFor5G events will be broadcast on the website and on the Facebook and YouTube pages of FOR (Fondazione Ottimisti&Razionali)

In compliance with anti-COVID-19 rules, the number of seats will be limited and therefore confirmation of attendance is encouraged. For in-person press accreditation: