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INWIT towers for biodiversity


Rome, 24 March 2023 – INWIT, Italy’s leading tower operator, has helped a pair of storks find a new home in the municipality of Inverno e Monteleone (Pavia), after the crane they had built their nest on was removed.

To avoid “evicting” the birds and make sure they stayed in the area, INWIT built a circular platform on top of the telecommunications tower installed not far from the old crane where the storks could build their new nest.

INWIT has always been attentive to the environment in carrying out its activities and has already launched partnerships aimed at safeguarding biodiversity with WWF, for monitoring fire prevention in some Reserves, and with Legambiente, for monitoring air quality in a number of areas and national parks in the central Apennines.

“The environment is one of the strategic pillars of our Sustainability Plan, and safeguarding biodiversity is one of the most important issues for us and our stakeholders,” said Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT’s Head of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability. “INWIT has always cared about the areas where it operates, it came naturally to take up the invitation of the Municipality and Lombardy Region and adapt our tower, a telecommunications services hub for the public, with a platform which could accommodate the storks’ new home”.

“As Councillor for the environment, I can only applaud actions and initiatives such as this, which show how business interests can be combined with respect, protection and valorisation of the ecosystem,” said Giorgio Maione, Lombardy Region’s Councillor for the environment. “The stork that returns to the same place every year to build its nest is an auspicious event. In popular tradition it is a bird that symbolises fertility and joy. We therefore welcome the good auspices it brings”.

“We would like to thank INWIT, which immediately went out of its way to help us and make sure that the storks did not lose their home,” said Andrea Lazzari, Mayor of Inverno e Monteleone. “Our municipality has always cared about animals’ needs too; since time immemorial storks have been a symbol of rebirth and a good omen and we could not let them go”.