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LUISS-INWIT, partnership to develop the new digital teaching

Rome, 28/07/2020 – The Luiss Guido Carli University and INWIT, the most important Italian towers company, have entered into a partnership to develop mobile connection capacities in four of the university’s teaching facilities in Rome.

INWIT will install DAS (Distributed Antenna System) infrastructure in the sites on Viale Pola (historical site of the University where the Rectorate, General Administration and Directorate are located), Viale Romania (location of the Faculty of Economics, Business & Management and Political Sciences), Via Parenzo (Faculty of Law) and Villa Blanc (Luiss Business School) which will optimise reception of the mobile signal of the different operators, ensuring professors, students, university staff and all those who visit these locations a high-performance use of mobile services.

Signal coverage in the indoor areas of the university will benefit the most from this new infrastructure: classrooms, laboratories and libraries will become spaces where different devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) can be used with excellent performances and in full mobility.

DAS are systems made up of micro-antennas connected to each other and capable of receiving a signal from operators via optical fibre, thereby creating an efficient, fast and high-performance dedicated network. The small size and very low power of this system mean that its visual and electromagnetic impact is absolutely negligible.

By equipping itself with these DAS systems, LUISS, which a few days ago was awarded first place in the Censis ranking of medium-sized non-State Universities for parameters including the dissemination of digital services, has placed itself at the leading edge in this field essential for teaching in the future, especially to address the new requirements linked to the impact of COVID-19.

“In recent months our University has accelerated the process of digitising education, increasing interaction between students and professors thanks to synchronous lessons,” stated the Managing Director of LUISS, Giovanni Lo Storto. He continued by saying, “In September our university will resume in-person lessons, but digital learning will also play a strategic role as part of our new educational model. Luiss will continue to invest in improving its technological infrastructure to ensure that its services are accessible and a super-fast navigation experience to all members of our community, thanks to a player with unquestionable value like INWIT.”

“I am proud of the partnership signed with Luiss University and I am sure that the experience of INWIT, which has innovation in its DNA, will allow the university to set up a connection network enabling it to develop increasingly high-performance services for its students,” stated the CEO of INWIT, Giovanni Ferigo“I believe that it will be possible to develop services for ever-more interactive teaching capable of giving the country’s future leaders the best training”.