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“Prime” status achieved in the ISS ESG rating, with upgrade from D+ to C+

Rome, 7 July 2023 – INWIT, Italy’s first tower operator, has achieved an ESG rating upgrade from D+ to C+ from Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and obtained ‘Prime‘ status, which is awarded to companies with an ESG performance well above the sector average.

The ISS ESG is an ESG rating institute which helps investors develop and integrate sustainable growth policies and practices, engage in responsible investment, and monitor the practices of portfolio companies through screening solutions. In addition, the ESG solutions include corporate and national ESG research and assessments that enable clients to identify relevant social and environmental risks and opportunities.

Further recognition for our company’s achievements, which testifies to the financial world’s appreciation of our ESG path and our Sustainability Plan, with an intrinsically sustainable business, which is fundamental in the process of creating value for the company and for the communities where we operate,” stressed Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT’s Head of External Relations, Communications and Sustainability.