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Shareholders' Meeting

Meeting April 6, 2020

Pursuant to Decree Law no. 18/2020, the attendance of the shareholders’ meeting by all those entitled to vote, without prejudice to all other remote voting methods specified herein, and voting at the shareholders’ meeting, shall take place exclusively through the designated representative appointed in accordance with Article 135-undecies of Italian Legislative Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998 (Consolidated Law on Finance “CLF”), identified as the Trevisan & Associati law firm (“Designated Representative”).


Ordinary shareholders are also entitled to vote electronically, starting from 17 March 2020 and
up to and including 5 April 2020, via the reserved area of this website and pursuant to the
procedures and limits therein set out.

Voting electronically can only be exercised by persons who are holders of the such right.

Access to the reserved area to vote electronically:


The provisions of law regarding voting electronically are set out in art. 127 of the Consolidated
Law on Finance and in articles 143-bis and 143-ter of Consob Issuers’ Regulation (resolution n.
11971 of 14 May 1999 and subsequent integrations) which herein follow:

Article 127- Consolidated Law on Finance
(Postal or electronic voting)

1. By regulation Consob shall establish the methods for exercising votes and the
procedures for shareholders’ meeting in cases envisaged in Article 2370, subsection 4
of the Civil Code.

Article 143-bis – Issuers’ Regulation
(Participation at the shareholders’ meeting through electronic means)

1. The articles of association may provide for the use of electronic means to permit one or
more of the following types of participation at the shareholders’ meetings:
a) transmission of the shareholders’ meeting in real time;
b) participation at the meeting from another location through two-way communication
systems in real time;
c) exercise of the right to vote before the meeting or during it, without the need to
appoint a representative to be physically present.
2. Companies that permit the use of electronic means may condition this solely on
existence of the requirements for identification of the parties with voting rights, and for
security of the communications, in proportion to the extent to which the objectives are
to be achieved.

Art. 143-ter – Issuers’ Regulation
(Exercise of the vote before the shareholders’ meeting using electronic means)

1. Articles 141.1, 2 and 3, and 143.2 and 3 will apply to exercise of the vote expressed
before the meeting, in accordance with Article 143-bis, sub-paragraph 1, letter c).
2. The vote may be revoked in the same way as it was exercised by the day before the
shareholders’ meeting or by declaration expressed by the interested party during the
3. The company will guarantee that it will keep the information regarding the votes
exercised by electronic means and revocations made before the shareholders’ meeting,
including the date of receipt.
4. The chairman of the control body and its employees and assistants are responsible,
until the start to the scrutiny vote at the meeting, of the confidentiality of records of
the votes exercised by electronic means and withdrawals.
5. The votes that arrive after the time limits established will not be taken into
consideration for the purposes of establishing a quorum for the meeting or for voting


A printed version of a proxy form in Italian and English may be downloaded from the website:

[Download the Proxy Form]

Voting by Designated Proxy