INWIT and Legambiente together to monitor air pollution

INWIT’s digital infrastructure at the service of national parks and nature reserves with IoT.

Partners in monitoring air quality. This is the objective of the collaboration between INWIT, Italy’s first tower operator, and Legambiente, the most widespread environmental association in Italy. From INWIT’s digital assets, where IoT sensors will be installed in a “tower as a service” logic, and Legambiente’s knowledge of the peculiarities of protected areas, a virtuous collaboration is born for the protection of biodiversity and the most fragile ecosystems.

The environmental parameters monitored include carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter in specific natural areas such as the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, the Maiella National Park, the Zompo lo Schioppo Nature Reserve and the Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Nature Reserve.

The partnership with Legambiente testifies to the added value of the ramified distribution of our towers throughout the country, in this case for the protection of biodiversity . INWIT towers are digital, shared and sustainable infrastructures available to mobile telecommunications operators and can host advanced IoT technology to monitor air quality and measure the impact of climate change, to benefit the territories and communities where we operate.

Michelangelo Suigo, External Relations, Communication and Sustainability Director at INWIT

Pollution, together with the climate crisis, habitat loss and fragmentation, over-exploitation of resources, and the introduction of invasive alien species. Is one of the main threats to biodiversity and natural ecosystems. This is why we decided to join INWIT in this new experimental monitoring that will allow us, on the one hand, to monitor air quality in various Italian protected areas and, on the other, to better understand the strategies and measures to be taken to address, first and foremost, the problem of air pollution, to protect biodiversity and achieve the goals set by the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Giorgio Zampetti, General Manager of Legambiente

The project starts from the awareness that Italy is considered a hotspot of valuable biodiversity that needs to be protected from the increasing risks posed by climate change. The protection of biodiversity was identified as one of the relevant topics for INWIT in the Sustainability Plan, with an assessment of the impacts and opportunities of the infrastructure, reported in a dedicated position paper.