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INWIT Best in Communication once again


Rome, 27 May 2022 – INWIT, the leading Italian tower company, has obtained Best in Media Communication (BIC) certification for the second consecutive year. The certification, devised by Fortune Italia and Eikon Strategic Consulting, was bestowed for the following reason:

INWIT has obtained Best in Media Communication certification for the second year running due to its extremely positive reputational position, the positive opinion of journalists (especially in relation to the production of interesting and clear content, and transparency) and its ability to effectively convey its role as an “infrastructural enabler” and the image of a solid company committed to sustainability and geared towards partnerships”.

The Best in Media Communication certification is a scientific, transparent and objective method of measuring the impact of corporate communication. Not only in terms of visibility, but also positioning in the media and quality of the relationships established with newsrooms.

“We are especially proud of this recognition because it confirms our work to reveal the “new INWIT,”  declared Michelangelo Suigo, Head of External Relations, Communication and Sustainability at INWIT. “Confirmation of the BIC certification provides a further incentive to continue to work with clarity and transparency in the communication of our innovation and sustainability projects.”

Stefano Massini, author, writer and narrator, opened the evening at St. Regis in Rome, organised by Fortune Italia in collaboration with Eikon Strategic Consulting, with a special report on the “Use of words in Italian communication.” After a discussion about the world of communication and the challenges it is experiencing, Alessio Viola, TV presenter and moderator for the evening, invited the certified companies to the stage for the official awarding of the plaques.