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INWIT: Board of Directors appoints Chairman and General Manager

Milan, 7 October 2022 – INWIT Board of Directors, appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on October 4th, met today and appointed the Chairman and the General Manager.

The Board of Directors appointed the Director Oscar Cicchetti as Chairman of the Board, assigning him the Company’s legal representation and Institutional Relations as well as the management of the relationship, on behalf of the Board, with the Head of the Audit Function.

The Board of Directors also appointed Diego Galli as General Manager of INWIT, granting him executive powers relating to the overall management of the Company and its ordinary course of business in its various forms, without prejudice to the powers reserved to the Board of Directors by the law or bylaws.

The Board of Directors postponed to the next meeting, which will be convened soon, the establishment of the internal committees and the appointment of the Manager Responsible for preparing the corporate financial reports.

“It is with pleasure that I welcome the appointment by the Board, I am delighted to make my experience available to INWIT so as to seize all the opportunities in an industry that is constantly evolving,” said Oscar Cicchetti, Chairman of INWIT. “Our company is ready to meet the technological and social challenges, anticipating and going along with the changes we face.”

I want to thank the Board for their trust, and I take on with enthusiasm the challenge to manage the leading TowerCo in the market in its growth path, partnering with clients and enabling the development of digital infrastructure – said Diego Galli, General Manager of INWIT.