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Merit and legality as drivers for the restart. Launch of fourth edition of the Luiss project.

Rome, 17 February 2021 – Support for merit with scholarships for girls and boys from critical areas of the country, to look to the future with confidence. And in addition, virtual meetings between over 140 university and high school students from all over Italy to spread the culture of legality. These are the key characteristics of the fourth edition of “Legality and Merit in schools,” a project promoted by the Luiss Guido Carli university to raise awareness among the Next Generation of the value of respecting the rules and the fight against corruption, continuing to invest in training and human capital.

The new edition will be presented on Thursday 18 February at 4.00 p.m. with a digital event attended by: Paola Severino, Vice President of Luiss and project creator, Giovanna Boda, Head of the Human, Financial and Instrumental Resources Department of the Ministry of Education and Michelangelo Suigo, EVP-Director of External Relations and Communication at INWIT. The project stems from and has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and with the support of the Ministry of Justice, the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM), the National Anti-corruption Authority (ANAC) and the National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Directorate (DNA).

“The Legality and Merit Project is an initiative that sees Luiss at the forefront. Respect for the rules and attention to the fight against corruption are fundamental values which we wish to raise awareness about among students from the outset,” stated Paola Severino, Vice President of the University, who continued: “This project aims to encourage less fortunate young people to react and think about their future with confidence. No goal is impossible to achieve, but the road to see our projects, dreams and aspirations come to life is arduous and requires study, commitment and work every day.”

“We are proud to be able to make a solid contribution to the Legality and Merit project of Luiss,” stated Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT. “With this additional step we are once again together at the forefront strengthening the partnership between our company and one of the most important universities in Italy. The values of legality and merit have always been essential and fundamental elements of our business model. Our attention and sensitivity have also been recognised by the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) with the recent awarding of the legality rating.”

In addition to being able to count on the involvement of students and teachers from 22 secondary education institutions (classical, scientific and artistic high schools, professional technical, economic and technical institutes), selected by the Ministry of Education and located throughout the country, three juvenile correctional institutions (Milan, Florence and Catania) will also participate in the project in continuity with the previous editions.

Participation is open to all Luiss students from 4 Departments (Law, Political Sciences, Business and Management, Economy and Finance) which this year too have expressed great interest in the initiative. A team of 140 Luiss Ambassadors – with previous training in the main subjects to be addressed on the course – will deliver a series of specific workshops to spread the culture of legality, in all its forms, among the very young students of the schools selected: from active citizenship to immigration, from the fight against corruption to combating organised crime.

The “Legality and Merit in schools” project will have an exceptional partner: INWIT, the most important Italian towers company, which will provide two scholarships to enrol in and attend a three-year and a single-cycle master’s course at Luiss.

This new project aimed at the most deserving students is in addition to the 23 scholarships already envisaged – two for the winning school, and one for all the others – to allow as many young people to participate in the next Summer School organised by the University.