INWIT: people at the heart

The new social campaign ‘INWITsonoIO’ begins

The involvement, well-being and development of people are fundamental pillars of the company’s sustainability strategy. People, a fundamental asset in the company’s wealth of competencies and a primary resource for fostering and accelerating processes of innovation and change, are above all those to whom the company owes its growth path. Passion, dedication and the constant work of each and every one of them make it possible to build new and challenging objectives every day and thus achieve ambitious goals. 

It is with this spirit that the #INWITsonoIO campaign was born: a project that shows the faces of INWIT’s people, with the aim of creating ever greater employee involvement around the company’s values and giving space and recognition to their work. 

An account of the company’s activities seen from the perspective of those who, through their work and commitment, live INWIT on a daily basis. It is also a way of saying thank you to those who are part of this company and day after day make their contribution to improving it.  

INWITsonoIO also wants to be a way of enhancing the value of resources, convinced that initiatives of this kind can generate a positive impact both within the company and on the society where the company operates, thus contributing to the creation of value in the medium to long term for INWIT and all its stakeholders.

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INWIT people