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Sustainability, the real added value for companies and territories

Michelangelo Suigo, External relations, communication and sustainability Director, describes INWIT’s first integrated sustainability report on

A conscientious approach towards the society in which it operates, with the objective of providing added value, and which reinforces not only business competitiveness, but also improves the economic and social conditions of the local community. This is the vision that the “new INWIT”, created out of the merger with Vodafone Towers last year, has adopted, a starting point for a new path towards a sustainable business model. And this is precisely the message of the latest article written by Michelangelo Suigo, External relations, communication and sustainability Director for the website (read the article).

INWIT, Integrated Sustainability Report

“INWIT’s first integrated sustainability report, – writes Suigo – is the third Non-Financial Statement conforming to Leg. Dec. 254/2016 drawn up by INWIT on a voluntary basis. The publication of the report is the result of a process and arrives after the approval of our Board of Directors of the 2021-2023 Sustainability Plan which forms part of the business plan”. The pandemic has not stopped the company’s project: “The pandemic situation has increased the importance of digital technology and has shown the need to develop quickly in this sector, so that everyone can move at the same speed from North to South and from East to West. The choice to accelerate the transformation process towards a more modern and sustainable business model has led us to invest in activities and projects aimed at integrating sustainability, starting from governance with the setting up of an internal Sustainability Committee”.

“Sustainability is not a passing fashion like many people think”

Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT

Sustainability for companies

INWIT has always been interested in environmental issues: “In INWIT we have taken on board this vision and we have wanted to integrate sustainability into of our way of doing business and all company choices and strategies business. It’s a process which began last year with the completion of the merger with Vodafone Towers, which saw the birth of the new INWIT as the leading Italian tower operator with a role of protagonist in the digitalization of the country in support of operators”. The document on sustainability takes on more importance for this reason: “The series of actions taken and the overall value created by Inwit in the last year are described in the Integrated Report relating to the year 2020 which has the objective of providing a complete picture for all our stakeholders of the strategy, operating and governance model, integrating financial information with information of a non-financial nature. We are obviously only at the beginning of a process which we know still has a long way to go. In the next few years, the Integrated Report will document in a more detailed and transparent way our progress towards the creation of a sustainable business model, starting from the achievement of the sustainability objectives, set in line with the UN Agenda 2030 targets and its Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring a constant and open dialogue with all our stakeholders” Suigo concludes.