#TalkFor5G: the discussion series on 5G and correcting information is underway


The first edition of #TalkFor5G, INWIT’s webinar series, was held on 25 January

The first edition of “Talk For 5G”, a webinar series organized by INWIT, focused on countering disinformation on the fifth generation mobile network and encouraging discussion and debate on the topic, in order to explain the potential of the new technology and the benefits it will bring to Italy. 

A chance to respond to unfounded alarmism about health risks and raise awareness on the opportunities offered by the new standard for mobile telephone networks that, in the very near future, will be the main driver of growth in the Italy’s digital marketplace.

Moderated by Michelangelo Suigo, Director of External Relations & Communication at INWIT, the first #TalkFor5G webinar – entitled “The value of 5G: potential and services. 5G among fears, fake news and disinformation: could it be we need more information?” – saw the participation of a large panel of experts, including parliamentarians, political-institutional stakeholders and academics. 

Alongside the CEO Giovanni Ferigo, the first meeting also featured Elena Previtera (Senior Partner Reply), Sabrina Baggioni (5G Program Director Vodafone Italia), Michele Gamberini (Chief Technology & Information Officer at Tim), Pierluigi Biondi (Mayor of L’Aquila), Hon. Vincenza Bruno Bossio (PD), Hon. Alessio Butti (Fdi), Marco Bussone (President UNCEM), Hon. Massimiliano Capitanio (Lega), Prof. Antonio Capone (Politecnico di Milano), Hon. Luca Carabetta (M5S), Massimiliano Dona (President of the National Consumer Union), Marco Gay (President of Confindustria Piemonte), Giorgio Gori (Mayor of Bergamo), Hon. Raffaella Paita (Iv – President IX Transport, Postal and Telecommunications Commission), and Hon. Antonio Palmieri (FI).

The debate on 5G has been ‘ideologized’ more than necessary, turning what should be a well-defined technological leap into an abstract concept like globalization,” stressed CEO Giovanni Ferigo during the webinar. “A debate of this kind risks creating constant ‘background noise’ that detracts from the matter at hand: how can 5G-enabled technological innovation improve our lives and our economy? The development of 5G networks can be an enabling driver to boost the technological transformation and support the economic and social recovery of Italy. In order for companies, public administrations and individuals to be aware of the potential of 5G and the advantages that the development of fifth generation networks will create for the country-system, we need to overturn the communications paradigm that has spread false beliefs and focus on education and spread 5G culture, digital skills and information about 5G.” 

There is a lot of work to do, given that “80% of Italian companies are still not investing in 5G because they don’t know about its uses and advantages,” said Luca Carabetta, Head of Innovation for M5S. This is why, according to Massimiliano Capitanio (Lega deputy in the Transport, Postal and Telecommunications Commission), the absolute priority is to “intervene at the local level with educational initiatives and information to demonstrate what we’re talking about.” 

For Marco Gay (president of Confindustria Piemonte), it is essential to start “a conversation on new technologies. 5G is not merely data transmission, but an entire world of new services. 5G will affect the competitiveness of our companies, and is also a fundamental solution to overcoming the orographic limits of our country.” Marco Bussone (President UNCEM) agreed, saying “the development of 5G will also be crucial for closing the digital divide”, but for this to happen, “a lot of information is needed.” 

The key discussions from the webinar can be read on the Twitter live feed or in two summary articles on Key4biz and CorCom.