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Infrastrutture Digitali e Condivise – Facciamo Rete – Tratalias’ Story

Here we are at a new appointment with Infrastrutture Digitali e Condivise – Facciamo Rete, INWIT’s new column dedicated to telling about partnerships and collaborations with our country’s small towns.

The Italian 5G Plan – PNRR densification is an important opportunity, responding to the great demand for connectivity and helping to bridge the many areas still in the digital divide.

Today we are in Sardinia, more precisely in Tratalias, a small town of 989 residents in the province of Carbonia-Inglesias.

A small town with an ancient soul, in fact, it has medieval origins dating back to the year 1000. It is home to the Church of Santa Maria di Monserrato, one of the most important and oldest Romanesque buildings in Sardinia. The village lies in the vast plain of the Gulf of Panas, the natural centre of the region.

An area with unique characteristics and great beauty, but with isolation problems.

The collaboration with INWIT, which led to the installation of a digital and shared infrastructure to support telecommunication operators, aims to ensure mobile network coverage with a stable connection, helping to overcome the borough’s Digital Divide problem.

“INWIT’s digital and shared infrastructure ensures mobile network coverage of the entire town – commented Emanuele Pes, Mayor of Tratalias – This allows us to overcome our current isolation and improve the quality of life of our citizens by being able to take advantage of many services that are accessible through the digitisation of the territory.”

Thanks to the work of INWIT, the village of Tratalias can maintain its precious identity and project itself into an increasingly connected future.

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