Shareholders' Meeting

Meeting April 20,

Questions on the items on the agenda

Persons entitled to vote, having demonstrated their entitlement in the forms prescribed by the applicable regulations, may ask questions on the topics on the agenda within 9 April 2021 by sending them to the Company, accompanied by an identity document on paper to the following address:

Legal & Corporate Affairs
Piazza Trento, 10
00198 ROMA – ITALY

or by e-mail to the address:

Only all those who are entitled to vote pursuant to Article 127-ter of the Consolidated Finance Law  may submit questions: their entitlement is established by a notice from an authorized intermediary in accordance with current regulations that attests ownership of shares at 9 April 2021 (record date).

Questions submitted as above which are relevant to the items on the agenda, shall be answered and published on the Company website, by 16 April 2021. The Company reserves the right to provide single answers to questions on the same subject.

Reference regulation