Shareholders' Meeting

Meeting April 20,

The appointment will be made on the basis of slates presented by shareholders who, jointly or separately, hold shares representing at least 1% of the ordinary share capital in accordance with the CONSOB decision n. 44 of 29 January 2021.

Pursuant to article 22.4 of the Company’s Bylaws, each shareholder may present a single slate, alone or jointly with others, and each candidate may be presented in a single slate, on penalty of ineligibility.

Slates must be submitted by 26 March 2021 by email to

The slates filed must be accompanied by:

(i)    information on the identity of the Shareholders who submitted the slates, indicating their total shareholdings demonstrated by appropriate documentation issued by a qualified intermediary in accordance with the law;
(ii)    a statement by the Shareholders who submitted the slate other than those who hold, even jointly, a controlling or relative majority stake, attesting to the absence or existence of any connecting relations therewith, with reference to the provisions of art. 144-quinquies of the Issuers’ Regulation, also taking into account the recommendations made by CONSOB in Notice no. DEM/9017893 of 26 February 2009;
(iii)    acceptance of the candidacy and a curriculum vitae setting out their personal and professional characteristics and including a list of the administration and control appointments held by each candidate in other companies as well as statements in which the individual candidates accept the candidacy and confirm, under their own responsibility, that no causes of ineligibility or incompatibility exist, and that they possess the requirements for the office laid down by law and the Bylaws.

Slates for which the provisions above have not been observed shall be considered as not having been presented.

Duly submitted slates shall be made public on the “1INFO” storage platform (, as well as on the Company website at

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