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Bernabò Bocca: tomorrow’s hotels will be 5G

“Luxury hotels in Italy will have to prepare for the new 5G technology as soon as possible”. This is the opinion of the President of SINA Hotels, Bernabò Bocca, who told us why the Bernini Bristol in Rome chose INWIT’s DAS solution.

How will people live and work in a 5G hotel? What advantages do the infrastructures of the future offer today’s guests?

Here is “A day at the Bernini Bristol”, which describes the choice of SINA Hotels to rely on the DAS technological solutions offered by INWIT.

Among finely decorated corridors and rooms where elegance and beauty dominate, “A day at the Bernini Bristol” recounts a day of work and pleasure at SINA Hotels Bernini Bristol in Rome, one of the most exclusive hotels in the capital. The interview with Bernabò Bocca, President of SINA Hotels, ends.

We believe that technology is an increasingly important aspect. Tourists coming to Italy are looking for the history and tradition that our country can offer. But all this must be combined with technology. Customers of luxury hotels that come to Italy are used abroad to increasingly finding 5G in their rooms and high-end hotels will have to adapt as soon as possible.

Bernabò Bocca, President of SINA Hotels

Enjoy the video!