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INWIT among the companies best at communicating Sustainability

Italian companies inform their shareholders on progress regarding sustainability, but don’t adequately update them on decarbonization. INWIT is one of the top-performing

In recent years, market and investor attention to topics of sustainability has significantly increased. Like many other companies, we at INWIT have committed to sharing information on the integration of sustainability in our business, especially actions implemented on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)topics.

According to analysis carried out by the sustainable investment platform ESGnews on how the top companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange communicated sustainability in the event most anticipated by the financial community – that is, in year-end financial reporting approved by their boards – our company came out as one of the best, demonstrating not only that we’ve internalized sustainability practices in our business strategy, but we’ve thoroughly communicated our commitment to create value over time.

How Italian blue chips communicate sustainability

According to analysis from ESGnews, 75% of the most important companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange included information on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) metrics in their year-end reports on financial data. But only 48% of these provided data on CO2 emissions, and only 25% shared decarbonization goals as well. Nine companies made no mention whatsoever of non-financial data. 

This doesn’t mean that the companies that didn’t provide information haven’t adopted good governance practices related to sustainability topics. But perhaps they have not fully grasped that the financial market, analysts, investors and shareholders now make an all-around judgment of companies not only on financial parameters, but also on factors of governance and their approach toward stakeholders and the environment.

INWIT publishes its first Integrated Report

This year, our company approved and published its first Integrated Report, for the year 2020, merging financial and non-financial information and documenting the process that sees us working hard to achieve the sustainability goals laid out in our new 2021-2023 Sustainability Plan,  in line with the targets of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals.

Besides the goal of carbon neutrality by 2025, the Plan calls for several actions for increased energy efficiency, the determination and publication of our Carbon Footprint (CO2eq), 100% of our electrical energy purchased to come from renewable sources by the end of 2022, and investments to overcome the digital divide.

Thanks to these and other initiatives, sustainability has become an integral part of INWIT’s strategy and, in the future, will be increasingly central to its business activities. In the coming years, we are committed to documenting our progress toward the creation of a sustainable business model even more thoroughly and transparently.