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INWIT ranks first in the 2024 “Most Climate-Conscious Companies” ranking

A new recognition in the field of sustainability: INWIT enters the ranking of the “Most Climate-Conscious Companies” compiled by Corriere della Sera, Pianeta 2030, Corriere della Sera’s monthly publication dedicated to sustainability, and Statista, the company specialising in market research, ranking and analysis of company data.

The survey, now in its third edition, aims to highlight particularly virtuous realities, identifying the Italian companies that have reduced the most CO2 emissions in relation to their turnover in the years 2020 and 2022, based on publicly available data.


INWIT’s inclusion in the ranking is further proof of the relevance of its intrinsically sustainable business model, supporting telecommunications operators, which is able to guarantee greater industrial, economic, social and environmental efficiency, with less land consumption and less use of natural resources, and therefore less CO2 production.

This award further rewards the climate strategy defined by INWIT, whose main leverage is the use of electricity from renewable sources, understood as self-generation from photovoltaics and purchasing, as well as investments in energy efficiency.

The inclusion in the list of “Most Climate-Conscious Companies” starts with a four-stage analysis, which initially involves a selection of companies and a pre-screening on documents such as sustainability reports and annual financial reports, followed by a detailed study of publicly available CO2 emission data in company annual reports, CSR or sustainability reports, or company statements.

The complete ranking was published in Planet 2030.