INWIT Supplier Code of Conduct approved

INWIT strengthens its commitment to an increasingly sustainable supply chain

INWIT has adopted the Supplier Code of Conduct which establishes the principles of conduct that guide the work of suppliers, with reference to the aspects of integrity, ethics and compliance, health, safety and human rights, environment.

The code is in line with the commitments of the Sustainability Plan and with the aim of extending the principles of sustainability to the entire supply chain.

The Supplier Code of Conduct expresses INWIT’s expectations regarding the purchasing cycle, so that it is sustainable from a social, environmental and economic point of view. This represents an essential element in the promotion of a culture based on sustainability, ethics, integrity and transparency also within the Company’s supply chain, integrating and recalling what is already provided for in the Code of Ethics.

The creation of a code of conduct for Suppliers strengthens INWIT’s commitment to implementing an increasingly sustainable supply chain, involving all commercial partners in a shared path towards greater environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Compliance with the provisions contained in the Code is a duty for all Suppliers, as well as a binding condition, as an annex to all contracts stipulated with them.

INWIT’s Supplier Code of Conduct is not just a formal document, but a manifestation of the company’s commitment to an ethical, sustainable and transparent procurement cycle. Through adherence to this code, INWIT and its suppliers collaborate to build a more responsible and sustainable future.