2021 Integrated Report: INWIT’s journey towards an ever-more sustainable and inclusive digitalisation able to break down barriers.

The second Integrated Report has been published, containing INWIT’s fourth Non-Financial Statement.

The Integrated Report, drawn up on the basis of the Integrated Reporting Framework (IR Framework) established by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), is aimed at giving an effective representation of the value generated by INWIT using a structure divided by type of capital, defined as the variables that determine the creation of value: 

  • Financial Capital: the set of economic resources employed in the business processes
  • Infrastructural Capital: INWIT’s services and infrastructural assets such as transmission towers and technological networks;
  • Intellectual Capital: the intangible resources represented by organizational know-how;
  • Social and Relational Capital: the capacity to create relations with the external stakeholders and the sharing of values for the purpose of increasing individual and collective wellbeing;
  • Human Capital: the set of skills, abilities and experience of the people working in the company;
  • Natural Capital: all the processes and environmental resources that contribute to the production of the services offered by the company.

Further progress was made in 2021 on the path towards the creation of a sustainable business model, launched in 2020 further to the merger through acquisition of Vodafone Towers

The 2021 Integrated Report describes the ways in which INWIT manages its activities with the objective of supporting telecommunication operators in the development of mobile networks, also for the development 5G and FWA, necessary for digital promotion and transformation with the goal of a more sustainable society that fosters innovation, inclusion, the reduction of inequalities and which is able to accommodate the adoption of increasingly sustainable and circular production models. 

All the results achieved, the actions undertaken and the overall value created by INWIT in 2021 for all its stakeholders are contained in the 2021 Integrated Report

INWIT will continue on this path, infrastructures and know-how being essential for a recovery marked by an ever-more sustainable and inclusive digitalisation that is able to break down barriers.