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INWIT announces the approval of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Through the constitution of the Diversity & Inclusion Team, INWIT has started a path to overcome any discrimination.

In order to fight any kind of discrimination in the workplace and with the aim of projecting the company and its employees towards a fair and inclusive future, the Board of Directors of INWIT has approved the Diversity & Inclusion Policy. Respect for diversity and inclusion of everyone: in the document, available at this link, the company declares to operate according to impartiality and does not allow any form of direct or indirect, multiple or personal discrimination. INWIT respects the individual dignity and the psychophysical, moral and social integrity of its employees.

Goals of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy

The goals of the Policy are to encourage the comparison and contamination of different ideas and the exchange of different ideas and perspectives in order to generate value in the workplace, recognize everyone’s talent and aptitude and offer everyone the same opportunities for professional growth and salary dynamics. . “Step by step we are continuing to strengthen the new INWIT. A place where the contamination between different professional generations and the constructive exchange between diversities can only be considered a fundamental resource – said Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT -. With the approval of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy we have started a proactive path to overcome any discrimination”.

“We are continuing to strengthen the new INWIT”

Giovanni Ferigo, INWIT CEO

Against all forms of discrimination

For the company it is important to ensure the psychophysical, moral and cultural integrity of people and to guarantee working conditions that respect individual dignity, together with a working environment marked by respect and mutual trust. In accordance with these principles INWIT is committed to creating an environment characterized by plurality and multiculturalism in which everyone can express their own nature and authenticity without any form of discomfort. In addition, equal opportunities will be promoted and the contamination between different professional generations will be encouraged for a rich and fruitful exchange of knowledge and sensitivity. In this way INWIT wishes to create an open working environment, which will be monitored and controlled by the Human Resource department in accordance with the lines of action of the Sustainability Plan.

With the approval of the Diversity & Inclusion Policy, INWIT intends to enhance all differences by breaking down distances and removing obstacles of a cultural, material and organizational nature that may compromise the respect and inclusion of disabilities, gender equality, race, sex and religious orientation, the ideas of others and generational differences. Specifically, with the aim of measuring the real cultural change in the Company’s approach to the issues of diversity and inclusion, a Diversity & Inclusion Team has been set up, made up of people from various company departments, which aims to promote specific initiatives in support of an increasingly inclusive culture within the company aimed at combating all forms of discrimination, mitigating any forms of “discomfort” and promoting an inclusive and participatory corporate welfare. “The D&I policy aims to develop a corporate culture oriented towards overcoming all types of discrimination and historical-cultural prejudice, and to make the workplace an inclusive and plural environment, open to the contributions of everyone, where all types of diversity can be welcomed and valued,” said Francesca Stacchiotti, INWIT HR Director, in an interview with the ESG News website.