With INWIT, Milan has the first 5G metro in Europe

Outdoor railway train station in Italy with passengers, public transport

The new M4 Linate-Forlanini line will be the first 5G-ready metro in Europe, equipped with a dedicated DAS micro-coverage network built by INWIT.

Milan’s metro network becomes a model of technological innovation at European level. Thanks to INWIT, the new M4 Linate-Forlanini line will be the first metro network in Europe to guarantee travelers an ultra-fast connection and the use of the innovative services allowed by 5G.

INWIT’s DAS (Distributed Antenna System) will make the mobile signal strong and stable along all the stations and tunnels of the M4 – the new Milanese route that will connect Linate Airport to the city.

The M4 line will feature a dedicated micro-coverage network that will optimise mobile signal for various operators, ensuring the estimated 86 million passengers per year expected to travel to and from Linate Airport a quick and efficient use of their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

We are proud of this further step forwards INWIT has taken in the name of innovation,” said Giovanni Ferigo, CEO of INWIT. “This agreement with M4 represents a big step towards the future, in line with our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. Thus continues our commitment towards enabling digital infrastructure in Italy to support mobile operators. With INWIT’s DAS infrastructure, the M4 will become Europe’s first 5G-ready metro.

The work will begin with coverage of the initial section of the line, and will continue alongside the construction of the metro. 

The micro-antennas INWIT will be installing – very small and easily adapt to any environment – have very low electromagnetic emission, to the extent that their use is also spreading to the country’s main hospitals and healthcare facilities. The signal ensured is stable and effective and allows optimal use of all wireless devices. 

The DAS infrastructure will immediately improve current technologies and prepare the Linate-Forlanini line for the installation of fifth-generation technology as soon as it opens, making it the first 5G-ready metro in Europe

The installation of the DAS infrastructure, which will cover a total of 15 km, is expected to be completed in the first six months of 2021

Thanks to this operation, our commitment to invest in the future continues with greater conviction, offering a significant contribution to the development and strengthening of our country’s technological and industrial infrastructures.