INWIT is a partner of G7 Italy

INWIT enables a more digital and interactive cultural heritage

Shared and digital infrastructures servnig culture, to revive it, learn about it and bring it closer to the younger generations.

Museums more digital and with innovative tools to make culture interactive and accessible to all, even people who will never be able to physically visit them. Thanks to INWIT and its digital and shared infrastructures, many italian museums are now enabled to have 5G mobile connection for dedicated multi-operator coverage for DAS (Distributed Antenna System) indoor locations.

The DAS system consists of 5G micro-antennas connected to each other, with minimal visual impact, which allows the reception of a stable and efficient signal. This system also offers the possibility of developing IoT (Internet of Things) technology, transforming museums into cutting-edge structures.

Through indoor connection, The DAS system allows the development of new services related to new generation. A solution that will allows to learn about and experience the legacy of the past in a more interactive way. A valid support also for museum staff, not only for faster communication within the structure, but also for the safety of works of art and for streamlining many bureaucratic processes.

These are the museums endowed of coverage system: MAXXI Museum of Rome, Pietrarsa Railway Museum and National Etruscan Museum of Rome.

Our infrastructures also enable innovative services for culture and to bring digitalisation within museum structures. A further way to revive, learn about and bring young generations closer to a sector that is often neglected or not adequately valorised. But also to allow those who are far away to be able to live a cultural experience remotely, giving access to the splendid cultural heritage of our country, which we have a duty to conserve and protect. We continue to work to make our contribution to building a more modern Italy, also enhancing our great artistic-cultural heritage.”

declared Lucio Golinelli, Commercial Department Director of INWIT.

INWIT continues to strive to make culture more accessible and interactive, trasforming museums into technology hubs, capables of connect the past with the future through digital innovation.