More than 100 hospitals now with INWIT’s ‘5G ready’ digital infrastructure

Dedicated DAS multi-operator mobile network coverage for over 50,000 hospital beds

Introducing digital hospitals for a more and more modern country, thanks to INWIT: to date, more than 100 healthcare facilities have been enabled for mobile network connection, including 5G, using infrastructure for dedicated multi-operator coverage for indoor locations, DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

The DAS, made up of 5G ready micro-antennae with minimal visual impact, is not only a valuable support for patients and healthcare workers wanting to communicate with the outside, but is an enormous opportunity to speed up healthcare management. The possibility of using a stable and efficient signal to develop the IoT (Internet of things) will pave the way for further opportunities in patient care, simplifying the diagnosis process and making remote surgery possible. The healthcare facilities that have opted to get connected are both public and private, for a total of over 50,000 beds, and are evenly distributed throughout Italy. In the North, 21 of the connected structures are found in Lombardy, in Central Italy, Lazio leads with 26, while in the South, Sicily is at the top with 37 hospitals

“We continue to work to enable digitalization in the most important indoor locations. Especially since the pandemic, we have focused on healthcare facilities by implementing multi-operator coverage, including 5G, suitable for the supply of connectivity services of our customers – telecommunications operators. The potential for 5G-supported applications in healthcare is huge and goes far beyond the management of emergency situations,” said Lucio Golinelli, Commercial Department Director at INWIT. “Healthcare that is modern and meets patients’ needs cannot go without stable and fast network coverage, making the hospital truly interconnected and digital.”