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INWIT, Italy’s foremost tower operator describes its role as a communication enabler

INWIT’s multi-subject campaign is now on air, providing a snapshot of the coverage offered by the italian company.

The new campaign, created by agency Wunderman Thompson Milano, combines the new logo with the pay off “Sharing Connections,” with the aim of emphasizing INWIT’s deeper identity, both as an enabler of Connectivity and as a support to telecom operators in sharing connections between communities.

“Sharing connections” wants to go beyond the simple meaning of “connectivity” to embrace higher values as well, such as that of value connection with its customers and stakeholders and the ability to connect people at work, but also humanly. For a more sustainable and inclusive society.

The intention is to provide a direct and concise illustration not only of the work done by INWIT but also of the added value brought by our company to the communities and areas where it operates – says Michelangelo Suigo, INWIT’s External Relations, Communication and Sustainability Manager. “Sharing connections” includes the concepts of sharing and connection. Through the images used in the visual communication, we therefore want to emphasise the role that INWIT plays as a digital transition enabler for the country, supporting its operators.”

The visual communication chosen by INWIT has an innovative and futuristic design, where everything is connected. The goal is to enhance the city of today with its artistic and cultural heritage with that of the future, enhancing all its aspects and ensuring a better quality of life for its citizens from a social, environmental, and relational point of view.

We work for a more connected world, with more sharing, more exchanges.
We work for a more sustainable, more inclusive world that leaves no one behind

INWIT, in the role of Connectivity Enabler, also wants to tell the story of the importance of connection as the basis of our relationships and how a stable and secure network is fundamental to our lives. For this reason, in the visual communication, the campaign also includes a multi-subject photography, which tells about the application areas of the solutions used by INWIT such as DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and Small cell.

We can stay close even when we are far apart.